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How often are you on auto pilot?

How often are you on auto-pilot and assume things have to happen a certain way?   Auto-pilot: amazing method of direction for airplanes on a 12-hour flight, not so amazing for you in your daily life. Raise your hand if you ever got in your car and ended up at a...


Opportunities You grab them with both hands right? That sounds the natural thing to do but for me it was the total opposite. For most part of my life when someone I didn’t know would start talking to me or when I had to enter a group of people (like walking into a...

8 warning signs your business is taking over your life

8 warning signs your business is taking over your life You did it! Success! You started your business, you brave entrepreneur, and after some blood sweat and tears, the client started coming in. You were busy! And then… you stayed busy. And got busier. Said yes to a...